Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Development


Program Overview

Learning Efforts Mode of Learning

5-7 hrs /week


Duration Last day to Apply

6 Months

Applications accepted on Rolling basis

Our globalized, digital economy and disruptive new technological innovation is creating virtually unlimited opportunities for new ventures. Human creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset are needed to initiate successful new ideas, and develop sustainable new markets and business models that benefit society as well as business. The dynamic possibilities of the rapidly-evolving new world of business require students to build practical abilities, networks, and strong academic foundations which the Diploma program in Entrepreneurship and Business Development envisions to impart.

Program Structure

Course Details:

The program shall give the students the tools, skills and techniques to recognize and develop new opportunities within established organizations as well as start-ups. It shall make the students learn the techniques of market analysis and empirical techniques for such analysis, including customer development. Students shall acquire strategy creation abilities and special attention is paid to the launch of new products and services. Through the program, students also acquire knowledge of how to finance new ventures, especially in a corporate environment.

Apart from gaining a broad overview of business, students shall also explore their individual management style and develop critical-thinking patterns and problem solving and decision-making techniques to share and reflect upon with their peers. The program shall make a conscious effort to put students in touch with Industry professionals and successful entrepreneurs that shall encourage students to experiment with new ideas. By the end of the program, student shall learn how to identify opportunities and risks in order to develop a viable business venture or project.

Broad themes that the Diploma Program shall focus on are:

  • venture development, creating the right environment and context for new ventures to thrive;
  • capturing value from innovation;
  • product and service development;
  • entrepreneurial marketing using methods like co-creation with customers and design thinking;
  • obtaining and managing (venture) capital.
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Business Models and Sustainable Revenue Generation

Course Council:

The course has been conceptualized and designed under the leadership and mentorship of the stellar governing council with active support and cooperation from the Confederation of Indian Universities (CIU).

Program Delivery

The Program shall be completed over the course of 6 Months and divided into 4 papers. Each Paper is compulsory and submission shall be in form of an assignment. All papers shall have a predefined thematic area and subject specification which allow the students to track their learning progress throughout the duration of the program.

General Candidates

Paper 1 INR 3162
Paper 2 INR 3162
Paper 3 INR 3162
Paper 4 INR 3162
Total INR 12,650/- Only

Below Poverty Line (BPL) Candidates

Paper 1 INR 2530
Paper 2 INR 2530
Paper 3 INR 2530
Paper 4 INR 2530
Total INR 10,120/- Only
Students with one or more of the following qualifications shall be eligible to pursue the Diploma Programs from Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership (IIGL):
  • Students who have completed their 10+2.
  • Undergraduate Students pursuing any UG course from any university/deemed to be university/college/institute.
  • Post Graduate Students.
  • Working Professionals/Researchers.


Students completing the diploma program shall acquire competences for organizing and managing fast-growing corporations and corporate units, internally as well as in value-creating networks. Graduates of the program become skilled in creating environments in which new ventures can take hold and flourish. This expertise is highly sought after in business development functions (including innovation, marketing and finance) in large (multinational) corporations. The same applies in entrepreneurial teams, start-ups and various other economic development functions. The program combines problem solving, structural analysis, project development and management with comprehensive theoretical and critical examination of the business processes, management theories, entrepreneurship and contemporary developments. Strong employment numbers in developed economies come largely from new, fast growing companies with an agile and entrepreneurial approach. These companies demand different skills, knowledge and mindsets from their employees than in the old hierarchical environment of business. And increasingly ambitious, young professionals are self-employed, launching their own entrepreneurial businesses.

  • Entrepreneur, often in a team.
  • Business Developer, often within a fast growing corporation or business unit, or as part of incubators.
  • Marketeer, mostly focused on the launch of new products and services (with research skills for this purpose).
  • Venture Finance Analyst, as the review of business plans within financial corporations grows more important each day.

The other benefits are:

  • Level of studies is much higher than a regular diploma or certificate program.
  • Programs contain subject based assignments and domain related webinars and optional workshops.
  • The student gets an in-depth knowledge in the particular field to prepare them for entry level employment.
  • The specialized knowledge and skills gained during the program equips students secure internships and various allied employment opportunities.
  • During the course get an optional opportunity to meet and interact with noted practitioners and policy makers in the field.