Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership (IIGL) is an award-winning pioneer national-level institution imparting academic training in the areas of International Affairs, Government Studies, Ecology, Environment, Sustainable Development and Cleanliness Education established by the Confederation of Young Leaders (CYL) with active cooperation and assistance from the Confederation of Indian Universities (CIU) for complementing and supplementing the efforts made in our country and for translating the wishes, aims and objectives as set out by the Government of India and State Governments into action in the year 2017. The institute serves the needs of the Government, Non-Governmental and Private Sectors by conducting studies, training, research, publications, conferences, seminars and consultancy in the field of International Affairs, Governance, Public Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Taking forward the illustrious legacy of the Second Prime Minister of India, Bharat Ratna, Shri. Lal Bahadur Shastri, IIGL was jointly established under the guidance and leadership of the former Prime Minister's family. The institution thereby lives by the principles of honesty, transparency and accountability which the Former Prime Minister lived by and envisions imparting the same in its youth citizenry.

Viewing the urgent need for the establishment of a national level institution for studies, training, research, publication and consultancy in the field of Governance and Leadership, the Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership (IIGL) was established to develop employable skills in the students by providing academic staff with relevant support and resources, integrating these skills into the curriculum and course design, providing students with exposure to professional settings and providing advise and guidance through required means.

The Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership (IIGL) is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. Our academic council is engaged with teaching and research to push the boundaries of human knowledge. For students who are excited to investigate the biggest issues of the 21st century, IIGL offers an unparalleled student experience.

Our hands-on, industry-ready, well-structured curriculum has been curated by some of the finest minds in 21st century. IIGL’s distance learning academic programs have been introduced considering the need of the innovative skill-based vocation learning community as well as the requisite knowledge and skills that are demanded by the relevant industry across the world.

The Institute envisions to conduct different academic, professional and vocational courses related to leadership and governance besides applied researches on these subjects. The Institute has a vision to provide training to more than 50,000 Youth in the areas of Leadership, Governance, Entrepreneurship, Management, International Affairs, Urban Planning, Media Studies, Ecology, Environment, Pollution control, Disaster Management, Sustainable Development, and Rural Development over the next 10 years.

The Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership (IIGL) has been a pioneer in organizing and conducting programmes having social, developmental, educational, scientific, technological, environmental, economic and positive content for the optimum development of India.

The Institute has envisaged a ten year (2018-2027) plan with requisite learning and teaching methodologies for ensuring gainful employment for the young Indian citizenry belonging to all the States and the Union Territories for producing trained manpower for leading flagship projects of the Government like Make in India, Clean India, Skill India, Digital India, Startup India, etc. Besides studies, training, research, consultancy and production of audio-video materials, the Institute has also envisaged a massive publications programme.

The Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership (IIGL) has resolved to bring out a multi-volume Encyclopedia of Good Governance Practices and Leadership Principles to be circulated among Universities, Colleges, Schools, Ministries, Departments, Embassies and International Organisations.

The Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership (IIGL) has also resolved to associate, collaborate, federate and affiliate with like-minded Ministries, Departments, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations, Universities, Industries, Municipal bodies, Newspapers, Electronic and Television channels for reaching the milestone as set in our vision and mission statement.

  • 5 Years of Excellence in imparting high quality education with prime focus on holistic learning and imbibing competitive abilities in students globally. Once an IIGLian always an IIGLian!
  • With our award-winning online distance learning programs, you get the best of both worlds- the comfort & flexibility of online education, with the equivalence that is acquired through an on-campus certification.
  • Notable alumni include senior diplomats, government functionaries, institution builders, business leaders, philanthropists, researchers and scholars across the globe.
  • Students from 25+ countries as part of the fully funded Friendship Scholarship offered by the institution.
  • With over 5000+ alumni across the globe, IIGLian's are flag-bearers of excellence in a multitude of fields
  • Choosing IIGL over any other institute was a great decision of mine because this course has accelerated my career growth to the next level. Receiving an online degree from an eminent institution while pursuing a career was a significant asset. Altogether, it has been a hassle-free experience, taking exams from my choice of place and support staff was really supportive throughout the entire course. I'm grateful to have completed a degree from one of the best institutes globally.
    Shambhavi Shree
    Diploma in International Affairs and Diplomacy
  • "IIGL was referred to me by a friend when I struggled to complete my studies alongside a part-time job. The institute guided me through the course in a way, where taking examinations, assignments were made simpler to suit a requirement of a working executive. Getting a breakthrough in my dream industry after completing my certification was the cherry on top. I am a proud "IIGLian".
    Aaryan Sinha
    Diploma in International Affairs and Diplomacy
  • "I have recently completed my diploma in Government and Governance Studies from IIGL. This program had a very rich course material of international standards and users friendly. IIGL helped me balance my work along with my studies. I could study anywhere, anytime. The leadership skills which were ingrained in me while participating in their high-level seminars, workshops, academic and non-academic events would always stand me in good stead. Thank you IIGL for making this journey so beautiful."
    Atindra Shekhar
    Diploma in Government and Governance Studies
  • “It is commendable that this institute is being established for complementing and supplementing the efforts made in our country for translating the wishes, aims and objectives as set out by the Government of India into action. I hope that the Institute would be successful in achieving its objectives of serving the needs of Government, Non-Government and Private Sector.”
    Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Sh. Yogi Adityanath
  • " I congratulate the Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership (IIGL) on bringing out a multi-volume Encyclopedia of Good Governance and Leadership to be circulated among universities, colleges, schools, ministries, departments, embassies, and international organizations. I wish all success to the programmes, activities, and actions initiated by Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership (IIGL)."
    Hon'ble Shri. Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister for Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation
  • “I am happy to know that Confederation of Young Leaders (CYL) is establishing the Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership (IIGL) with active assistance and cooperation from the Confederation of Indian Universities. The establishment of such an Institute will go a long way in grooming our Youth in various areas of Governance, Entrepreneurship and Management”
    Former President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil
  • “I am happy to know that the Confederation of Young Leaders (CYL), New Delhi established with a vision to promote mutual and practical cooperation among Youth Organizations in the country is organizing programs on a range of topics associated with the welfare and empowerment of the Youth Population.”
    Hon’ble Vice President of India Sh. Venkaiah Naidu